A sneak peak in to the top fashion trends of 2019 coming to us straight from the boutiques of Instagram and the rest of the internet.

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Here is a forecast of what trends are going to be hot AF in the coming months. Now that winter has passed and Spring is almost upon us we can add a little more colour and general prettiness to our wardrobes. As a change of season comes so does a change of style. So, here is a fashion forecast of the top trends you will see throughout this season and beyond.

Information you can trust

The trends in this list are all from boutiques or up and coming clothing websites. Each item has been hand-picked by myself, with input from a few professional fashion forecaster’s (yes, it’s actually a very well paid profession). This post may contain affiliate links, so, after clicking a link, if you decide to make a purchase I will receive a commission from the company. For more information on affiliate links please see the “Affiliate Links” section of our private policy. Phew, well, that was boring, so now on to the good stuff.

Looks that will be everywhere

This is what is set to be big in the next few months. Firstly, get ready to add a whole lot of colour to your wardrobe, neon’s are going to be everywhere. They were all over the runway during New York Fashion Week – NYFW. As was the colour marigold, or yellow!! As well as pale blue, they were both out in all their glory during fashion week, with garments like trench coats to sheer, see through body suits all looking stunning in the marigold and pastel blue colour. Which brings me to my next big thing. Anything sheer/see through, as I said it was seen up and down the runway in an assortment of beautiful colours. The models all seemed to missing one vital garment though, as they strutted up and down the catwalk I kept catching glimpse of a few nipples, yes, they did not have a bra on, so as we like to keep on top of the latest styles and trends there will be some that we will just leave for the models of fashion week. That being said each and every one of those girls looked absolutely stunning, and kudos to them for being comfortable enough in their own skin to show off just how sheer some of those items were. Statement trainers are another style steal although this trend has been seen more in the streets than on the runway, with big celebs opting for a loud, colourful, style as opposed to the classic white we have all become all to familiar with. Just a few other little things that are worth mentioning, matching colours was a reoccurring theme, such as same colour top and bottom’s, i.e – crop top and knee-length pencil skirt in the same colour. As for prints the two big contender’s were snake print and tie dye. So, let me show you some items that are affordable but so on trend, you are going to be so “extra” it’s going to be sickening!


Top finds from the best boutiques and online store’s


Beautiful Aztec print top in neon pink from The Fashion Bible. £20
Aztec print top in neon pink from The Fashion Bible – £20

This top from “The Fashion Bible” is just perfect. The neon colours are very on trend and its longer length at the back gives it a little twist. It’s versatile and fashionable and only £20. Check it out here.

Or you could check out the incredible sale that’s happening right now at The Fashion Bible by clicking here.

Beautiful wrap midi skirt with snake print.  Sold be The Fashion Bible £22.
Snake skin wrap frill midi skirt by The Fashion Bible £22.

Now this is bang on trend and is just beautiful. This is currently on sale at “The Fashion Bible” for £22. I cannot get enough of The Fashion Bible at the moment. Again this is such a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Click the link to check it out.  Get yours here!

Linzi long sleeved dress by "Be Jealous" bang on trend, £16.
Linzi long-sleeved dress, sold by “Be Jealous” £16.

This is just beautiful and is a favourite of mine. It’s bang on the marigold yellow trend that was seen all over the runway during New York and London Fashion Week. But, it’s striped with a light pink which gives it a very girly, pretty feel. This will brighten up your wardrobe in time for Spring and will be a fashion staple all through Summer too. Click the link to get yours while it’s on sale at “Be Jealous” for only £16! Get it while you can!!

Indigo Tie Dye denim jacket from Parisian Fashion £27

Now, if you have not checked out this website then I would highly recommend that you do, ASAP!! Parisian Fashion is full of celeb inspired piece’s that are all totally stunning and extremely affordable.  A denim jacket is something that will be in your closet for a while, it could last a lifetime thanks to its classic, and timeless style.  This jacket is sporting one of this years hottest trends……. Yep, tie dye.  During London Fashion Week Henry Hollands show was sprinkled with tie dye ensembles and it looked mesmerizing.  The trend has now made its way to the world of A – List celebrities with many also sporting the tie dye print on everything from skirts to matching lounge wear tops and bottoms.  Get in on the trend and grab this wardrobe staple while you still can, at only £27, stock is pretty low already Indigo Tie Dye Denim Jacket £27

Neon snake print high neck body suit £15

This is another item from “Parisian Fashion” and this actually has two top trends, neon and snake print.  Imagine just how “extra” you would be wearing this fashion statement body suit.  And it’s only £15!! Get yours now!

Savannah iridescent sequins two piece set £15.00 Half Price.

This is another trend that has become massive not only on the runway but Instagram has seen thousands of images with girls wearing matching tops and bottoms.  Whether it’s a crop top and midi, or crop sweater and sweat pants, the trend is set to be huge.  There is many ways you can get in on this trend, but this has to be one of the most beautiful co-ord sets I have been able to find.  This sequin vest bralette and pencil skirt are just gorgeous.  I love it.  This little beaut is from “Boutique Goddess”.  If you have not heard of them then I would like to know what rock you have been living under.  There Instagram feed is beautiful, and full of the pretty items they have in stock. Check out the entire collection here

Okay, okay, I know I have already done the neon trend.  It is my fave, but how would you like to own an item that a fashion icon owns.  This neon body suit from “Rosada Couture” is the bomb. Not only is it totally bang on trend with its bright neon colour, but it’s also a bodysuit which gives it top marks on the fashion score board.  It has its place at the very top of the fashion score board because a fashion icon herself, Miss Kendall Jenner, owns this beautiful piece too.  How much more clarification do you need? This is one to own.  Grab yours now from Rosada Couture and don’t forget t use the code “BestBoutiques” for amazing price drop alerts and discounts. Get yours here!!


And last but not least.  I could not do this post without mentioning the sheer/see through trend.  admittedly, some of the models during NYFW New York Fashion Week)  would have had to caption their selfies NSFW ( Not Safe For Work ) as not one of them wore a bra while strutting their stuff, seriously though if I looked like them I would 100% flaunt my boobs in front of millions, they were all uber sexy.  The tops above are all part of this trend, its a very versatile trend that can be worn  many different ways.  You could go slightly see through with a top that’s only see through at the tummy, or go full on sexy with a full sheer top, but, I would wear a bra, each to their own, as long as you feel sexy, and confident then wear what ever you want.  All of the tops above are from “I Saw It First”, they have been gone a while, but, now they are back and bigger than ever.  They have rad new collections, all of them very trendy, fashionable and affordable.  Check out the full collection of bodysuits by clicking here.

Want to see more?? No problem.

If there is nothing in this list that takes your fancy then there are few other posts you can find that covers fashion week trends in more details, there are amazing deals and offers inside some of my articles to so click here to check them out.

And that concludes our fashion favourites for today.  I hope you enjoyed this little trip down style street.  Now go on beautiful.  Get on with your day.  But remember…….Live, Love, Slay.

Oh, and one last thing.  I do love hearing from you gals, so let me know what trend you are loving, if there is a trend that you think should get a shout out, and I like to give shout outs via my Instagram to people that leave comments.  So leave a comment, let us all know what your thinking, then head over to my Instagram for a shout out. 

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