Fashionable jumpers that are budget friendly.

I have a few picks just to show that you can achieve fashionable on trend looks without breaking the bank.

I am also one of those people who loves scrolling through Instagram, drooling over the Gucci, and Prada shoes and handbags wishing they were part of my daily attire. Believe it or not, it’s not actual reality for MOST of us. Although, Instagram would have you thinking otherwise as it seems like there are more luxury living babes out there than there are people on a budget.

Here are some picks that are all bang in trend that will not break the bank

Budget friendly fashion finds.

All of these tops are very fashionable. They are also very versatile which is always something I look out for when picking any new item of clothing. What’s the point in buying a top if it does not go with anything in your closet? The tops in this list are all versatile enough to wear with almost anything.
If you would like to check out items that are all inspired by trends sorted during London and New York Fashion week that are also budget friendly then Click here .
Or if you would like to check out more items that are bang in trend but versatile enough to worn with anything and budget friendly then Click here

Next up I will be show casing the most popular bottoms, leggings and jeans worn by celebs verses budget friendly dupes. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then if you have any thought on luxury or affordable fashion then please share your thoughts.

Live, love , slay.

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