Simple tips you can do right now that are free and will save your hair.

Okay, so we know that expensive treatments, shampoo, conditioner’s and masks can all make our hair much healthier, as well as a visit to the salon, but, what about if your on a budget, or just need some tips to get you through to your next salon visit, or even maybe you do not go to a salon at all and need some help getting your hair healthy.  Well, what ever your situation here are some tips you can do right now with your everyday shampoo and conditioner that will give you results the first time you do them, if you keep doing them your hair will thank for it as it will create less split ends which are hairs worst nightmare.  So whether you have a big budget or no budget it doesn’t matter, you do not need the disposable income of Kim K West to have healthy hair you know!!

Tip 1. Change the order that you wash and condition your hair.
Do you have any idea why you have hair that lacks shine, or have hair that’s mega frizzy and unmanageable?? No? Well let me fill you in.  Every single hair on your head has cuticles, and when your hair cuticles become rough, it creates frizz, also when cuticles become rough, split ends will soon be visible.  What we have to do to keep our hair frizz free and super smooth and healthy looking is to smooth the cuticles of the hair down the hair shaft.  The next time you wash your hair you should condition it first.  Wet your hair then condition it, as you apply the conditioner smooth it down your hair over and over this will smooth the cuticles of your hair.  Shampoo your hair as normal, and then condition it again also.  You will totally thank me for this if you keep washing your hair this way.

Tip 2: Do not undo all of the hard work above by towel drying your hair!!
Now imagine all of those cuticles, all lovely and smooth after you have followed the tips above, then you take a towel and rub it all over you head creating rough cuticles and lots of breakage.  Which in turn creates frizz.  So after you have finished washing your hair, take a towel and squeeze the excess water out of your hair.  Grab your hairdryer, and apply the little nozzle that comes with almost all hairdryer but you probably have not used.  Hold the hair dryer at the top of you head and pint it down the hair.  Its easier if you section off the hair to do this, and i do not mean you have to sit for ages putting your hair into perfect little sections, just tying up the top half your hair and doing the bottom then top will do.  You should notice that your hair feels alot softer an smoother, but the longer you keep this up the better your hair will be.

Tip 3.  Use your normal everyday conditioner as an overnight treatment
Instead of buying expensive overnight treatments, just use what you have.  Take your normal everyday conditioner and apply to dry hair…….Yes dry hair.  Start at the tips and work your way to the top, do not worry about the hair at the top of your head so much as to much conditioner, if it proves difficult to wash out, can make hair look greasy, so leave about an inch of your hair at he top.  Smooth down the hair shaft over and over, you Will actually be able to feel your hair becoming smoother as you do this.  Take a wide toothed comb and brush through.  Tie it up and get some beauty sleep.  In the morning, give hair a really good rinse, then wash and condition (although just a small amount) and dry following the rules in the first 2 tips.  You will see that your hair will look and feel so much softer, smoother, with less frizz and more shine.

I could go into more tips like always use a heat defence product when using straighteners or curling tongs but that would include spending money if you have not already got these types of products at home.  There are many hair treatments you can create at home using items you might possibly have in your cupboards.  That is a post that is yet to come but is on its way.  Until then follow the tips above and your hair will really benefit from it.

Love,Live, Slay

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