Have you heard of TAMBEAUTY.COM??????

Hello my beautiful and wonderful people.  How are we all then. I hope we are all good.

Today I received an E – Mail which had some amazing news in it.  It was from a site called TAMBEAUTY.COM

What is TAMBEAUTY.COM then??

TAMBEAUTY.COM is a brand new website. make up revolution and I heart make up have teamed up and created a brand new site that stocks these following brands:

  1. Make up Revolution
  2. I heart Make Up
  3. Freedom
  4. Faceb4
  5. Colourless Hair Colour Remover
  6. DGJ Organics

So what make s it so awesome??

Well where do I start!! The offers that they have available are awesome.  They are extremely affordable.  For example right now you can get the Make up Revolution Colour Blocks Propaganda which consists of a lipstick, a lip gloss and a nail polish all in bright red for only £2.00, I know that is an amazing deal.  You can buy hair care products, cosmetics,  Brushes and Tools, Skincare this really is a great little website that they have created, and it still has their trademark affordability factor.
I had another little look around the special offers they had available and this is what I found:
  • Free delivery on orders over £30
  • 50%, 30% off
  • An overall wide selection of discounted products.

The Hair Care Range

One of the most popular hair care products that this lovely website stocks is the Colourless range.  If it had not been for this product I know of a few ladies who would have had a full blown breakdown.  This great product removes semi – permanent as well as permanent hair dye, on the box its sub heading is” just wash your colour away” and that’s exactly what happens, this is an absolute hero when you have had a DIY Hair disaster.  You can get this for only £6.66 RRP £9.99. 
We also have the ColourOn Range which are a range of toners, you can chose from a few different colours that will give you that very on trend pastel effect.  You can pick this up on their site for £4.66 RRP £6.99.
And then we have the DGJ Organics range and live love range of shampoos and conditioners that range from £4.99 – £6.99.

The Brushes

I love, love,love a brush, I used to use my fingers and thought that brushes were just silly, and wondered what the big deal was with every ones obsession.  Well I got a pack of 10 cheap brushes from ebay and that was me hooked.  There are brushes for everyone and the I heart make up brush sets are my favourite, they are adorable they come in three different colours and with the cutest names, my personal favourite is the Unicorns Unite, you get three brushes in the set, a powder brush with two smaller brushes that could be used for eyeshadow or highlighter.  There are a variety of more expensive brushes, that look beautiful.  The most expensive of the brushes is the Make Up Revolution Ultra Metals set which consists of five good brushes that are all shaped for the perfect application and contouring. These will set you back £34.95.

The Rest and Overall Thoughts

They also have a small range of face wash, and moisturisers, along with hand wash and hand creams that range from £4.00 to £14.99.  They really do have something for everyone.  With their products having such an amazing affordability factor you can easily pick yourself up a whole skin care regime for half the price of some high street retailers.  As well as these ranges you can obviously get your hands on the very on trend eyeshadow palettes that Make Up Revolution are famous for, you can pick up the Fortune Favours The Brave palette which consists of 30 beautiful colours for only £9.99.  There are even cheaper high volume palettes available such as the Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 palette for only £4.00, this is the cheapest palette available on the site and consists of twelve again very beautiful colours.  
Eye shadow palettes are not all that you will find in their make up category you can find anything and everything you can think of that is on trend and on pint as the moment.  That is in my opinion why this website is going to do so well, even though the cosmetics and hair/face care ranges are all very affordable they are still very on trend, all of the colours in their palettes are carefully selected.  They do skrimp on the quality which is unusual, as most of the time when I purchase a mega cheap product I find that it is either outdated or the quality is poor, with this website, that is most definitely not the case.
They have the most on trend lipsticks ranging from the ever growing in popularity matte lipsticks to lip gloss.  You can even pick up a whole collection, five lipsticks for a fiver!!
There are also primers, brighteners, highlighters and setting sprays to chose from, and at the moment you are getting your items delivered directly to your door free of charge on any orders over £30, and these prices you can get yourself an amazing little haul for that price.
Go on and check it out and remember and leave your comments and opinion below.
Click here to check out the site TAMBEAUTY.COM
Much Love XX

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