Lucky Colours For Taurus

Lucky Colour’s For Taurus

Hey, welcome to colour me lucky where being positive is easy when using your lucky colours in your daily life.

Your lucky colours and some other info you might want to know!!

Here is a list of your lucky colours for this year. When you take a closer look at the colours which are sure to bring luck or positivity in to your life its pretty amazing, your lucky colours for this year are light pink, light blue, and green. Predicted for you this year my dear Taurean friend is well….where do I start, this year you are going to begin a complete overhaul of your life, there have been many aspects within your zodiac that have put pressure on things such as relationships and made them a bit of an up hill struggle, now, however those negatives have blown away, and when you look at the meaning of the colour pink – it stands for love, relationships, and romance. Your relationships will indeed be much more happy and full of positive experience’s. The colour blue, light blue, as the shades of blue do all have a different meaning, so, light blue has been proven by scientists to have a calming affect on our overall mood, and this is what you can expect throughout this year, it also stands for stability, faith, trust and loyalty, like I have already said these are things that you will experience this year within your relationships, you may not feel these affects yet though as these positive times are due to come to you around May, so, if you have been feeling low, please hold on in there as the dark clouds are about to lift, and the even better news is that the positive feelings of this year are predicted to last up until 2026!! As for green, I think that this colour has more to do with your Taurean traits than the future. Green is the colour of money and since Taureans are said to be thee best financial advisers thanks to their ability to look at money and deal with it without any stress. It does also mean renewal, growth and harmony. If you have some kind of meeting regarding money this year then I would definitely wear green, who knows it could make you a millionaire, if you are trying to solve a problem then I would wear light blue, and any dates coming up, and I mean of the romantic type then opt for the pale pink. How awesome is that, every single colour represents something that is predicted to transpire for you this year in 2018.

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