My fast track healthy living kick start

 Trying out that health kick thing!!!

Healthy on the outside begins with being healthy on the inside

Hey there my beautiful people today’s post is all about how I am planning on kick starting something that has been on my mind for a while and that is living healthier.

As a mother of two I rarely find time to work out or eat healthy. Some days I even forget meals or eat on the go and by that I mean I munch on a pot noodle or packet of crisps while doing the house work.
I am 100% sure that I am not alone with this dilemma of mine. Feel free to leave any advice or examples of how you have overcome this issue.
Ian determined to live healthier and I have done a little bit of digging around on the Internet and entered into the world of “forums” to try and find a way of easily having some kind of exercise routine or even eating routine into my every day life. 
I have come up with the following little baby steps list of things that I am going to change in order to achieve a healthier way of living and I of course hope that my healthy habits rub off on my children so everyone’s a winner.
So here goes here is the list and as I have already said please feel free to leave advice and opinions as I really do need some direction.
  • Have 1 cup of coffee in the morning and substitute the rest with water
  • Have breakfast ( Cereal or porridge)
  • Have lunch with kids (toast and egg) as I usually miss out on lunch and end up eating sugary sweets
  • Do 20 minutes of gentle exersize in the morning before breakfast

Now I know to some people that this list may seem rather pathetic but I do not want to set myself unrealistic goals that I will not achieve.  I am starting this as from tomorrow so you can expect a good few blog posts on this in between my normal “where to find the best big brand discounts” blog posts of course.

Wish me luck 

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