Nordstorm $100 WIN

What a wonderful evening it is. Especially because I have just recieved an e mail from the beauty look book regarding a competition I entered.

The e mail went as follows “Annmarie (two other girls names) I am sending this e mail to let you know that you are the winners of the $100 (£76.13) e gift card.” I could not believe what I was reading. Of course I e mailed straight back confirming my e mail address and got a reply saying that I would recieve my gift card shortly. And guess what. I have just recieved it and it looks like this.

So I am off to spend my lucky win. And I would like to thank the beautu look book for this.  THANK YOU!

There will of course be a post tomorrow with details of what I have purchased and being a first time nordstorm shopper I will let you all know of my overall shopping experience. Goodnight beautiful people.

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