OMG just found this beauty

Look what I have just found ladiesMy goodness, it has been a very productive morning so far.  I have been up since 3am with my son, he is unwell but it has given me some time to check out what bargains are out there,  This morning it is a fashion find I have come across rather than a beauty bargain.


Stupid question but is there any girl out there who, if they do not like them personally but loves the Kardashian girls style?? YEP, I hear you me too.  You got to hand it to them for mothers ( in Kim and Kourtneys case anyway-Khloe rocks too) they look totally awesome. Right??

Well I have just found this little dress that Khloe Kardashian has been pictured wearing and I love it.

I love the style and the fit, you can see that it tightens in at the waist therefore creating a waist for you, if you like it as much as I do then guess what?? Yep I have a link where you can grab this exact piece but at the fraction of the cost, just head to the style lounge the link beow will take you directly to the offer!!! Enjoy!!


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