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I have been looking to try something that’s not as heavy as a foundation but heavier than a tinted moisturiser, and I came across this item. Now, this caught my attention and the reason it caught my attention was because of the added bonuses it gives you. The formula and ingredients used to create this BB Cream actually helps to improve skins appearance while you are wearing it as well as protecting you from the harmful rays of the sun.  Here at Annmarie’s blog a product always gets brownie points if it can do more than one thing, or double up as another product. So, I decided to give this a try and If I can get better looking skin by applying a product that makes my skin look equally as good then I am up for giving it a try.


Product Description

This is what Garnier say this product does (description from the back of the bottle)  “Perfect the look of your skin immediately, even under the sun! Garnier Ambre Solaire new BB Cream Sun Protection has been created specifically to meet the need for high SPF protection for the face and neck with all the benefits of a beautifying BB Cream. In just one step, your skin looks perfected and is protected in the sun against UVB and UVA rays.”

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it??  And it does not disappoint.  A BB Cream is a cream which serves many purposes.  The “BB” stands for “Beauty Balm”.  The main things a BB cream should do is firstly be a foundation, secondly, protect the skin from the sun, and thirdly, moisturise the skin.  They do all this at once, although you can pick up BB creams that, when used over as long period of time are said to even out skin tone, improve skins elasticity and some include moisturising heavy hitters such as hyloronic acid and glycerin.

 So now that we have all of that out of the way lets get down to the nitty gritty.  What did I REALLY think of this item!!!

Well, upon first inspection, squirting the fist little bit out on to the back of my hand I was surprised at how thick it was, I mean it was not as thick as a foundation, but, it was not watery (as I have found a lot of BB, CC creams and tinted moisturisers to be).  You could easily hide a small (un-red) blemish with it.  I was pretty pleased.  I applied it lightly with just my fingers.  It did instantly give my complexion an instant glow, it gave a dewy youthful look which I really liked.

Me wearing the BB Cream.


BB and CC creams, as well as tinted moisturisers are all great at giving you a dewy glow, but, they do not cover up things such as dark under eyes, blemishes, and don’t usually smooth out skin tone, but this actually does.  I found that it’s actually a little closer to a foundation. But, it does not look caked on, it looks dewy, healthy, and glowing.

It looked very natural and light.  I have oily skin so I assumed that throughout the day this would start sliding off.  Places like the sides of my nose and my forehead are my problem areas, and foundation usually does start to eventually slide off of these areas as the day goes on.  This BB cream did begin sliding off as the day progressed, so my assumption was correct, but, because its very light, it wasn’t as noticeable as when I am wearing a heavy, full coverage foundation, which really surprised me but really pleased me.  I would definatley recommend this product.  The glow it gives your skin is beautiful, it gives your face a sort of slightly tanned look.  It’s lovely.  Although, I did have some areas where the product had slightly slid off my skin, it was not noticeable, I knew it was there but I don’t think anyone else noticed.

I would most definatley take this with me when going abroad.  The fact that it looks so nice on your skin, and that it protects your skin from those harmful UV rays, its a no brainer.

Round Up

So to pretty much round this product up, it is a BB Cream and does exactly what all other BB creams do, and that is to even out the complexion while brightening the skin but without the heavy look of a foundation, I really enjoyed that it gave me better coverage than some other BB Creams I have tried. I would definitely make this part of my every day routine. It is light enough to add concealer on top of but gives enough coverage on its own to wear everyday. On its own it looks very natural with no heaviness. All of that AND it protects from the UV rays of the sun which we all know is extremely harmful to skin and is the number one cause of the early signs of ageing such as fine lines, creases in the skin, clogged pores and just those big old dreaded wrinkles (that I do not have yet but I am beginning to see that they are in the post and on their way, fine lines around my eyes and on my fore head are getting much more noticeable).  


I would give this product a 10 out of 10
I would also recommend this to a friend.

So, my dearfriend I would recommend that you give this a try for yourself and see what you think, and if you have already used it, or are an every day user please leave in the comments below your personal experience and or opinion on this BB Cream.

We all know how important it is to look after our skin, and, although there are many products out there designed to cover up our flaws, we really should be concentrating on getting that beautiful blank canvas to create our artistry.  Check out this article on how we can all do little things that when used for an extended period of time can make huge changes Top 5 Tips For Clearer Skin

Thank you for reading my beautiful people.

Love, Live, Slay!!

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