The best hair care ever. MONAT!!

I have to tell you all about the most amazing shampoo and conditioner I have came
across. I was originally sent a few samples but after using them all up I had to buy a full size bottle of each different sample sent. Before I go in to details let me just show you how much of a difference this brand has made to my very dry and  damaged hair.

Below are pics of my hair, and just so you get an understanding of just how damaged my hair was, all of the colour’s below were all in my hair throughout just one year, as you can see, as we get to the last two photo’s my hair is very badly damaged.  After the colourful last pic, I wanted to go back to blonde which required a lot of bleaching.  This resulted in my hair being like straw and my colour being horrid and brassy, due to the damage my hair was not colouring well at all.

Now, here are some pics after I started using the holy grail shampoo and conditioner!!

After 3 washes, I wash my hair every second to third day.


And this is after another four washes.  Look at that colour.  My roots are terrible, due to me trying to save my hair as much as possible but it looks so much nicer due to the condition.


So, here is what I have been using: Monat, Revive Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and a weekly treatment of the Replenish Masque. And a slight use of Rejuveniqe Oil.

It has totally changed the condition of my hair.  I do not normally do many posts on hair as my hair wasn’t anything to shout about and I really hadn’t found anything that was worth telling. I had tried many different treatments and shampoo’s and conditioner’s, and, don’t get me wrong some of them were great.  But, although I felt and saw a change in the condition of my hair with some other hair care products, it was like my hair got used to using it as after the initial first few washes my hair went back to being dry or just stopped getting in any better condition.  
Courtesy of #Monat Via Instagram
With Monat I have used it now around 12 times for the shampoo and conditioner and six times for the hydration masque and honestly it just keeps getting better with each and every application.  
Courtesy Of #Monat Via Instagram
All the ingredients in the products are naturally derived, and the science behind the mixture of oils, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that goes into creating the Monat products is second to none.  They have field researchers that have scoured the globe to find the perfect balance of ingredients for their products.  And it shows.
Courtesy Of #Monat Via Instagram
A quick description and how to use the products I used.
Revive Shampoo: Boosts volume, moisture and shine while gently cleansing hair.  To Use:  On wet hair take a tiny amount and massage into hair.  Leave on for2-3 minutes then rinse.  Repeat the same steps again, this is how you are actually meant to ash your hair as one wash will not break down all of the oils and products you have used which build up on the hair.  You will also notice that on the second wash there is much more of a lather.  Rinse thoroughly.

Revitalise Conditioner: Helps increase hair density, strength and manageability. To Use: Be sure to squeeze out some of the excess water from the hair to ensure deep penetration of the conditioner.  Take a small amount and smooth throughout the hair, from the root to the tip.  Smooth straight down the shaft of the hair helping the penetrating process.  I also combed mine through the hair and left it on for around 5 minutes.

Replenish Masque:  Helps increase hair brilliance, strength and vitality.  To Use:  After cleansing hair, again squeeze out excess moisture and apply evenly all over hair.  Again I combed mine through and then left for 10 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.  I used this once a week but you can use it up to twice a week if hair is in desperate need of moisture.  After use, follow with conditioner as usual.  
Rejuneniqe Oil: Rejuvenates the hair and skin, has anti ageing properties, and protects against harmful influences within the atmosphere.  To Use: This can be used many ways, not only on the hair but on the skin too.  To use as a per – wash treatment, apply to dry or damp hair, wrap in a warm towel and leave for 15 minutes for maximum penetration.  As a leave in treatment, after washing, drying and styling apply a small amount to ends of hair.  As a moisturiser, after cleansing the face, you can put a few drops in to your normal moisturiser for a deeper, more nourishing treatment.  As an overnight treatment for skin, warm  few drops between palms and apply evenly over face and neck, also apply to elbows and knees or any other dry areas on the body.  I used this every night, I applied after exfoliating.  
The use of the oil on my skin has drastically improved my skin as well.  This product I would highly recommend.  It has so many amazing uses, and the difference in my skin is huge, its not just a small difference that only you, yourself can see or feel, others have noticed the difference in my skin.  It also serves as an amazing primer or base for makeup.  This is where others have noticed my skin.  Not only do I have much smoother and softer skin, but, I have an amazing base for my makeup, it goes on so much smoother, and with no dry patches of skin to get stuck on my skin looks flawless.
Retail Price’s: 
Revive Shampoo: £30
Revitalize Conditioner: £45
Replenish Masque: £42
Rejuveniqe Oil: £85
I know, I know.  But, you get what you pay for.  These are all vegan friendly, non – toxic products, that give salon results.  What if I told you, I could get you these at the price’s you see below.

My Offer Price:
Revive Shampoo:  £25
Revitalize Conditioner: £38
Replenish Masque: £35
Rejuveniqe Oil: £72
Would you be interested.  All you have to do is pay a one time fee of £18,  you will the agree to make two order’s via flexiship amounting to £60, so, that could be a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment, (amazing hair here I come) you will do this on your day of enrolment as a VIP, 30 days later your second flexiship order will shipped out to you. Want to find out more and get it explained a little bit clearer? Did I mention getting a freebie within each of those orders too!!  Want more info?? Then click on the link to check out exactly just how much of a discount you get, as well as get more info on the kind of special offers available to you as a VIP customer.  Click here to find out more about our VIP Programme.
There are any other amazing deals available in the Monat shop, including a lash and brow kit for only £5 with every lash serum purchase. Click the link to browse the different systems and offers Monat Shop
Let everyday be a great hair day.  And if you fancy doing what I do, in short, get paid for having amazing hair as well as getting amazing discounts on all of the Monat products then click here Monat Perks of the job!!  Or if you need any questions answered you can e-mail me at
Love, Live, Slay.
Beauty is what you feel on the inside.  It just shine’s through to the outside!!
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