A critique of my own”Neutral make up tutorial” recorded a million years ago, Cringe!!

Looking over my old blog posts, I stumbled across this and when I watched it back I had a real good giggle. Here is my critique of my own make up tutorial!!

A bit about the video. And yes it really is that bad!!

This was recorded what feels like many many years ago, in actual fact I think it was maybe two years ago. I totally cringe when I watch this, one because of my horrible Scottish accent, two because I do a million things wrong, and three although I love the overall look, which by the way I have no idea how it did turn out okay as my application skills are rubbish. Everything in this video has changed, and I don’t just mean the hair colour. My whole make up routine has changed. This was when I was just starting to get a bit more confident within myself and my make up skills, after this video I kind of threw myself into researching the industry, reading books and biographies, watching YouTube videos, joining Facebook groups and reaching out to Professional Make up artists based in my area for any opportunities.

From passion to obsession.

It goes to show that I really did pay attention to all of the posts, books, videos and general information I took in during my totally OCD obsession with makeup. This obsession was no where near a new obsession, I did my first bridal party when I was 18 years old, including the bride, so I have always had a love for make up even when I was younger I wore my make up different to everyone else’s and I was complimented on it a lot, but, with makeup artistry exploding via social media this sparked my long lost passion big time.

Watch my terrible video here

This is my second make up tutorial. This one is much better than the first one. But lets face it that’s not hard to beat considering my dog ate my make up brush in the last video.

So what’s the look in the new vid??

In this tutorial I show you how to quickly and easily get a beautiful day look using neutral tones. Featuring the MUA Heaven and Earth palette I show you how to get a look that totally transforms you but can be worn throughout the day, to work or the gym. I have used browns, creams, in dark and light pigments. This is only a 15 minute long video from beginning to end. It is quick and easy. Go on give it a try.

We are all learning all the time, we all had to start somewhere.

The research and reaching out to professionals really paid off. My application skills, hygiene knowledge and general knowledge regarding the industry is much better, I am much more confident now in giving advice since I can now give advice knowing that what I am saying is 100 percent correct. I was invited to a few high profile make up masterclasses one of which was held at the Dome in Edinburgh, which is a very fancy hotel in the capital. The masterclass was run by Lynn Mills who is the founder of Girl Meets Brush and has a make up bridal team called Eyecandy, she has worked with celebrities and has loads of experience within the industry so I learned a lot during these masterclasses, my job was to assist so I handed out face charts, helped clear up, that kind of thing but I think I learned more than anyone else there, I was the only one sat jotting things down in a notepad like a maniac.So, if you have a passion but know you are no expert, then you will more than likely love learning about it, I did, I have notepads full of stuff I had written down, from books and at masterclasses, everyone has to start some where, and I bet even the biggest and best Beauty Vloggers/YouTubers out there all have a bad video or two hidden away in their deleted folder on their laptop.

If you have a passion then follow it, learn it, share it.

The message I am trying to get across is that we all have to start somewhere and do not be afraid of criticism, or judgement. Judgement is something I am not afraid of so that’s why I went ahead and posted this video. I had just started my Facebook group at the time I posted this video and although I feel like I was very inexperienced, people still complimented me and asked for videos and blog posts on how I applied my makeup. You do not have to be an expert, but, saying that you do have ensure the advice you are giving is correct,or else people like I was at the time of recording this video end up getting false information which is shared the re-shared among social media and is the taken for truth, I fell victim to this many many times via social media, I solved this by making sure I followed only poeple who had the title professional and who had great reviews to make sure information shared was accurate.

If I can do it anyone can and I really, really mean that!!

If you have a passion then go for it, learn it, love it, share it. Do not be afraid. If I can do it then anyone can. My video is terrible, I sound and look awful. My application skills measure up to the skills of a 5 year old, but you know what, I do not care.

I am proud of who I was then, I am proud of how far I have come and what I have learned, and I will be proud to post a vid showing my new found skills.

A smile and confidence are the two best cosmetics a girl can own.

Click here to have a good laugh at my expense, no really I don’t mind!!

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