We all have a reason but what’s yours?? – hold on it does get better.

We all have a reason as to who we are and what we do, and my two lovely children are my reason for why I do what I do, and are a big part of why I am who I am.
I was told when I was about Eighteen that my ovulation was low so my chances of conceiving were pretty low so I carried on through my young adult life feeling jealous of all of my friends that had children.
Fast forward..
Now I am 24 and am seeing a guy who was ten years older than myself he had three kids to three other women and he really was a bit of an idiot, when I first met him I wasn’t in a good place personally so you can imagine my complete shock when I found out I was pregnant after only seeing him for three weeks!!!
I was Elated and scared. I was glad I was pregnant but knew that there was no future with me and baby’s dad.
All through my pregnancy he became more and more abusive, then when my daughter was born on Christmas day 2010, I got her home and felt an instant bond, the love I felt was like no other.
One day baby’s dad was in a really bad mood and decided to take it out on me and to cut a long story short he ended up arrested and was imprisoned for domestic abuse.
I was pretty much left on my own and I thought that was it for me, I thought I would never ever know what it would be like to be sat around the kitchen table with my little family, until I met Stuart, he was my knight in shinning armour.
Cody has never seen her dad since she was about four months old, she is now five, and she has a baby brother called Dylan. She loves Stuart to bits, she took to him straight away which was strange as she didn’t like men.
Nowadays at dinner time you will find me sat round the kitchen table chatting away, me, Stuart, Dylan, Cody, and Lucky the dog, my perfect little family
Doesn’t matter how low you feel hold in to your dreams, they could come true.

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